Full Itinerary

A full travel itinerary is a detailed plan for a trip that includes all activities, reservations, confirmation numbers and logistics.  The best itinerary helps get you to your destination in the most efficient way and gives you the information you need to overcome obstacles along the way.

In business, when you know where you want to go, but you’re not sure how to get there, that’s when you need an executable business plan.  It’s like a full itinerary!

An Executable Business Plan includes: 

  • The facts and obstacles fully identified for you;
  • Review of possible alternative actions;
  • Recommendation for the best next steps.

Moving from Chaos to Clarity can take research to uncover important facts.

  • Why didn’t I make more money last year?
  • How can we get more customers?
  • What is causing our inefficiencies?

With research and analysis, the available facts become meaningful.

  • All our costs weren’t considered.
  • The target market changed this year.
  • We’re making paper copies for back-up.

With new Clarity, alternative actions can be developed.

  • We could calculate costs per job differently.
  • We could change our marketing tactics.
  • We could scan documents.

Once you know the real problems and a few possible options for resolution, the right action is infinitely easier to choose.  Chosing from clear options helps build confidence.  Moving from Clarity to Confidence helps you sleep better at night.

When you can’t do it all yourself, hire an expert.   Consider the Avenue Development Group!

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