Talent Development

Do you have the “right” bench strength? Are your people growing in the same direction that your company needs to go?

With focused developmental programs and appropriate career path planning, we can help you meet the organizational capability growth goals that match your learning culture.

We can help assess your current talent versus your goal and then bridge gaps with:

  • An overall plan that includes learning, development and career paths and/or
  • Specific programs to meet targeted needs.

With an extensive network of industry contacts and resources, together we’ll find the right delivery method (i.e., online, classroom-based or on the job) and the appropriate resource (i.e., internal experts, consultants or specialized training companies).

Our internal topics may be modified for short workshops (Compact), half-day (Mid-Size) or full-day (Full-Size) seminars. Customized participant materials are provided at per person rates.

Leadership Development:

  • Filling the Gap-to-Great Leadership – Building a Bench
  • What’s After What’s Next? – Strategy Building
  • Change Happens! – Simplified Change Management

Sales Topics:

  • Sellology™ – Introductory Selling Skills
  • Overcoming Objections - Intermediate Selling
  • Fundamental Negotiation - Advanced Selling Strategies
  • Selling Strategically – Reaching a Senior Leader or Clarifying Complexity
  • Leveraging Insights -Translating data into credible insights for customer actions.

Customer Service:

  • Handling Irate Customers – The Power in Choices
  • Positivity – The Subliminal Impact
  • Using Customer’s Language vs Internal Jargon
  • Sellistry – Customer Service Cross-Selling